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BTeam Server Updated

floh22 tag posted 23 hours ago
The BTeam server has been updated to the newest recommended version. It includes bugfixes as well as some new features!


- Floh 

Heartbleed Bug

floh22 tag posted Apr 9, 14
Hey Guys, just wanted to let you know that there was a critical bug found in OpenSSL. It is the encryption service used in pretty much everything on the internet. While I have updated our OS to the newest patched version, its uncertain if Mojang servers got hacked. I suggest you change your Mojang/Minecraft account user name :)

Have fun and stay safe on ze Interwebz

- Floh
floh22 tag I was on and it was fine. if its laggy, its not our fault
crazygamerf12 Hey can a mod, admin or owner restart the server cuz its been REALLY laggy lately
crazygamerf12 Hey just wondering, could one of the mods, admins, or owners restart the server? I've been having problems trying to con ...
Hey guys, so we have been busy in the last couple of weeks working on our brand new Attack Of The B-Team Server! Just hop on to FCservers.com and go through the Portal with the giant red B on the banner!

It is factions pvp with raiding and some explosives disabled!

Hope to see you on the server soon!

RiiSen_ChzBrger tagtag It has been in the /servers since day 1
crazygamerf12 tag Cant join the server it says bad login :/
AidanK36 tagtag Can u add it to /servers as cannot join as hub perms still messed up ...
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