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Pebbles and Euph are Opening their own Minecraft server! Here's the link to their website!~ 

They're having slight issues with Bukkit and Cauldron due to the recent shut down of both projects! More info on Bukkit and Cauldron can be found here: http://bukkit.org/ --- http://cauldron.minecraftforge.net/ 

If however a new mod/plugin comes along that does the same as Cauldron; we'll be changing to that. Please keep tabs on the server as we'll try our hardest to get it up and running. :) 

Goodbye Floh-Crack!

Pebbles tagtag posted Sep 6, 14

Hello guys and gals... Its time for some sad news... 

The server is going to be closing down permanently on October 1st. 
We've refunded August and Septembers donations. 
The server is closing due to it not being able to receive the attention that it needs...  We're very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you enjoyed your time at Floh-Crack.

Hey guys, floh here. So first of all I want to thank every single person who has joined the server in the last 4 years that I have been doing this. It has been an incredible experience, with ofcourse its ups and downs. I have enjoyed every single moment, even when things didn't go quite the way we wanted them. Our community has always been something special. It didn't feel like a server full of strangers, but a server full of friends. I hope thats what I was to you, a friend, enjoying themselves as much as you have been. Sadly, my school doesn't really allow me to invest the time I want to anymore. All my grades count towards my final report, and I don't want to have a bad start into the "Work Life". It's been a great run, from Creative, to Tekkit, to Mindcrack, to FTB Ultimate, to FTB Unleashed, and now finally to Pixelmon. I have learned so much, and this has given me real life opportunities noone else my age has. You guys as a community have taught me so much. I have grown personally because of you, and I really thank each and every one of you for it. Luckily, Pebbles and Euph have decided to run a seperate Pixelmon Server, so you guys can still hang out with them. I will be on there occasionally, talking to you guys.
Thanks for the great time,
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Drop Party Coming!

Euphorrix tagtagtag posted Sep 1, 14

This Event Will be Held On:
Saturday, September 6

London - UKSeptember 6th8PM BSTUTC+1 Hour
Sydney - AustraliaSeptember 7th5AM AESTUTC+10 Hours
New York - USASeptember 6th3PM EDTUTC-4 Hours
Phoenix - USASeptember 6th12PM(NOON) MSTUTC-7 Hours
Germany - EUSeptember 6th9PM CESTUTC+2 Hours

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