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So yeah.... We fucked up?

floh22 tag posted 10 hours ago
Server back online, Enjoy!

Hey guys, floh here, so it seems like we had an ID issue. We are not sure what caused it, but it happened. Our last usable Backup is from 6 days ago. If we could make it go away we would. 

Things which reset: 

- Buildings

- Chests

Things which DIDN'T reset:

- Inventories

- Pixelmon

- Pc Data

- Ranks/Permissions

I, floh22 and Pebbles, will help you build your Stuff again. I will take at least an hour for each and every one of you. Im more than sure that other Staff will also be here to help. This sadly means that our first Quest Path, Menadorei, will be delayed by about a Week or two. You will all also be able to use a one time kit filled with Items to help you get started again.

We are extremely sorry that this happened. It sucks for us even more than it does for you. Nothing we do can make up for the lost time, but we can try. We hope is this enough so you can at least start to forgive us. I can promise that a rollback this size will not happen again. Our last map lasted for 8 months, I hope this one does as well.

We will also be adding a kit to compensate for  the loss of items! there will be more than enough to compensate in this kit.

- Floh, Shiivers, Pebbes, Euphoric, CyN1d3
Bert Thanks for the help Pebs and Floh, and for the /Kit, I think I speak for everyone saying that we're grateful what you gu ...

Drop Party Coming!

Euphorrix tagtagtag posted Mon at 8:13

Thank you for Coming!

@ 8-10 PM BST

The Event Was Held On:
Wednesday, July 23

Pixelmon currently has a bug with its trainer wand so we can't edit the trainer at all and it crashes the server so we're unable to set up gyms meaning no player or quest/staff made gyms will be set up until the Pixelmon team release an update with a fix for this. 
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